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Passionate researchers, analysts, consultants and developers from diverse backgrounds who work collaboratively and including with clients to enable evidence-based solutions for social impact.

Who we are

NumsWork is a software company that offers a full service cycle. Providing full range of DevOps services, we help you create best-in-class software solutions for your business that perfectly fit your needs. The best results are reflected in our projects. NumsWork’s highly trained and proven DevOps experts help you effectively integrate your business and software development activities. As a result, you benefit from greater stability, transparency, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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Data Analytics

Our data engineering and architecture expertise helps unlock your data, opening doors to new business opportunities, optimal organisational performance and great user experience.

Cloud - DevOps

Cloud technology is a game-changer, delivering capacity on demand, lowering operating costs, and promising new capabilities including AI and machine learning. 

Mobile App

We provide mobile app consulting services to help companies achieve practical success. Our expert consultants can research, suggest and implement improvements to your organization’s existing mobile app. 

It Outsourcing

We have our very own IT Outsourcing service.  The benefits of using IT Outsourcing includes increased productivity, reducing risk, staying compliant, improved security but also skilled expertise from passionate IT experts

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